Most people know that if you were to come to a provider such as Chesterfield and ask for a company you would get a company in an offshore location.  However, this is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the services provided by Chesterfield.

Below is an easy to follow overview of the breadth of services available through our firm.

Incorporation: This refers to the establishment of an offshore entity or onshore entity.  When acquiring this service you can expect your company to be registered in the jurisdiction of your choice.  Once Chesterfield have incorporated your company you will receive the Certificate of Incorporation and the Memorandum & Articles of Association showing your companies registration.

Registered Office: This is the most basic of services.  In order to be legally registered in an offshore location you must have an address in that jurisdiction as your registered address. For example you cannot have a BVI company and have a registered address in the UK, if your registered address is in the UK then your company must be registered there.  Chesterfield offer registered office in a variety of jurisdictions.

Directors: Professional Directors are recommended by Chesterfield for a number of reasons being, Asset Protection, Privacy and professional running of the company.  Chesterfield will provide the Directors (and Secretary and Shareholder) on the company. This keeps the management of the company independent from the client and the company so increasing the Asset Protection and keeping the clients details from the company paperwork to a minimum and so protecting their privacy.  With Chesterfield’s highly professional background having us act as Directors for you also gives piece of mind knowing that your company is being run to the highest professional standard and the files and compliance are all in order giving the client time to concentrate on their primary business needs.

Bank Account: Chesterfield are highly experienced in opening offshore and onshore bank accounts in a variety of countries and have close working relationships with a variety of different banks.  We shall assess your company’s banking needs and recommend the best bank.

Umbrella & Invoices: The setting up of an offshore company may not always the best option depending on your needs. For instance it may be that you require a contract signed and invoices raised.  An ‘owned’ offshore company may be impractical.  Chesterfield operate a variety of companies set up for the sole purpose of assisting ‘contractors’ or invoice requirements.  Through these companies we are able to enter into contracts on behalf of the client and raise invoices, accept payments and make payments. With have an efficient highly trained team dedicated for this purpose.

Accounts:  Most jurisdictions require annual accounts.  Thus accounts need to be prepared in a timely manner. Anti-money laundering regulations often require Chesterfield to monitor the transactions of all companies through their annual accounts.  All paperwork and bookkeeping is maintained by Chesterfield.  We have a team of specialized accountants whose sole purpose is preparing accounts for offshore structures.  Some jurisdictions require audited accounts and this service is provided through Chesterfield also.

VAT Registration: Chesterfield are experienced with dealing with the application and management of VAT and are able to process this swiftly and professionally.