The number one question for first time UK contractors going to work in the Netherlands is usually , can I use my UK company. In the same way that the UK has IR35 , Holland has what is called Chain law or the wadi rules ,what this means to a contractor is that if their employed a Dutch company , the material employer /end client can be held liable for all Social security income Tax and VAT , that remains un paid by you.

Naturally this puts a lot of pressure on a professional contractors to conclude a contract to start in Holland without a proper solution, all companies or legal entities providing workers in the Netherlands , must register this activity with the trade register of Dutch Chamber of Commerce , in practice , what it means that , if a company is not sole registered the end client will not pay your invoice.

 Contractors from the EU member states are free to live and work in the Netherlands and will not need a work Permit , there are traditional arrangements for the new accession states Romania and Bulgaria, everyone who is going to live in Holland , longer than 90 days needs to apply for a residence permit in the local municipality. In practice this happens when you apply for your BSN and Sofi number (Dutch Social security number). For more information check our Dutch Payroll service page
Are there Tax breaks. Many contractors qualify under the 30% ruling , for high skilled workers, which means that , we can pay out 30% of the salary as a Tax free allowance to cover extra territorial l costs.