Chesterfield Group

At Chesterfield we are passionate about giving a top rate personalized service to our clients. Our services span across three key business areas of Offshore, Contracting, and Property in which we offer unsurpassed excellence and flexibility that you would not encounter elsewhere.

We want our clients to know just how important they are to us and so offer the highest quality service whilst striving to maintain the best quality products on the market while still maintaining a close professional relationship with each and every client, ensuring not only that we are completely in tune with their needs, but that they know they can trust us with every aspect of their business requirements. In today’s world, the personal touch is a feature that is fast becoming absent from business transactions. At Chesterfield we believe this to be a great shortcoming for the business world and so we strive to provide the much needed technologically advanced services to clients, but on a personal basis and so not losing touch with exactly what our client requires from us. This attitude is the key to our success, and our success is the perfect platform for you to reach your own personal financial goals.

If you’re looking for any of the following, Chesterfield is the company for you:


As is mentioned above, Chesterfield offers services in three main business sectors, but what we have to offer stretches way beyond that. We have expert staff who are able to realise your needs and tailor packages to suit you including, but not exclusive to the following services Offshore Banking, Offshore Companies, Company Formation Offshore, Offshore Trusts and Offshore Accounting services

Our offshore services generally include establishing a company offshore, company administration, trust formation and trust administration. With our assistance you will have to opportunity to expand your business on an international level, in virtually any industry you choose.

If you are contracting as a skilled professional you may prefer to operate as a contractor (on a freelance basis), essentially this gives you the freedom to work under the “self-employed” label. Our contracting services include international payroll, invoicing servicesumbrella services, international banking and more.

Property investment has become an increasingly popular option for many individuals looking to secure their future through investment and we have the experience and resources to help you do this. Whether you’re interested in residential or commercial properties, Chesterfield can present you with some impressive portfolios. With our experienced and friendly staff there is no doubt that we can help you come up with some exciting property acquisition strategies.

So whether you’re interested in Offshore Banking, Offshore Companies, Company Formation Offshore, Offshore Trusts, Offshore Account or whatever your business needs, Chesterfield are on hand to advice, structure and implement for you.