Contracting is diverse and attractive and is becoming an incredibly popular mechanism to harness short term expertise in all of the world’s leading economies.
Domestic workers, expatriate workers, individuals with contracts abroad as well as professional IT, medical and aviation contract staff form a large part of the domestic and expatriate contractors working abroad who normally avail of our services.

Many skilled professionals choose to operate as self-employed often referred to as contracting or freelancing. This usually entails operating through either an umbrella, composite, single person company or similar type of scheme. It may, depending on the location, require to be operated through a payroll scheme. Various agencies in different locations choose to work with contractors only if they are coming through an approve scheme. This can involve a considerable administrative burden to the freelance contractor especially if there is a frequent change of contracts.

Often when consultants switch countries regularly this can pose an additional complex international or local tax laws to navigate. A large number of these consultants would prefer to concentrate on their core business and retain consultants with expertise in this field to navigate these complexities.

Here is where Chesterfield can help. We operate numerous self-employed schemes and have operational umbrella companies in order to take this burden from the contractor. By choosing one of these established schemes you are allowing us to handle all the tiresome administrative burdens for you whilst you also reap benefits such as claiming back expenses and possible tax reduction.

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