International Payroll

Chesterfield are experts in the field of international payroll.  We have dedicated professional teams who can provide a personal domestic and expatriate payroll service in almost every country.  Our payroll administrators have extensive knowledge of all local requirements wherever you may be based.  Often contracting staff may operate in several jurisdictions with the same tax year and our expert staff can seamlessly integrate the payroll required in each country.

Many jurisdictions have very complex tax laws.  Many jurisdictions seeking to attract a particular skill base may provide incentives such as greatly reduced tax rates for expertise.  Other jurisdictions may incentivise by reducing taxes or increasing allowances for various types of contractors whether by skill or by nationality or a period of time.  Very often there are multiple options of payoll schemes to choose from depending on your position.  Expenses may or may not be permitted and statutory expenses such as mileage allowances may apply.

In general the area of international payroll is as diverse as there are contracting jurisdictions, there usually are several schemes applicable to each location depending on the contractors circumstances.