Invoicing Services

Invoicing is an important skill for independent contractors to master, since they’re constantly juggling different projects that may having differing timelines and terms. It is also a complicated process that requires plenty of time and effort.

In order to send accurate invoices, contractors need to carefully track their time. From there, they then need to create detailed invoices as soon as a project is completed for a client. These invoices must feature essential billing information, such as deadlines for payments, itemised lists of services provided, and the total balance owed.

If the thought of doing all of this alone is overwhelming, then it’s vital to select an invoice management company to take care of this task on your behalf.

How does the Invoicing Process Work?

When you work with a professional invoicing company for consulting services, they act as an umbrella company that invoices the end client or recruitment agency on your behalf. Once they receive the money from the end client, they then process the invoice and pay the contractor, ensuring everything is compliant.

Invoicing and payroll companies understand the complexities of managing a diverse range of contractors from various industries, sectors and backgrounds, ensuring absolute peace of mind for the contractor. They remove the burden of having to independently carry out this task, thus saving you time, energy and effort. This enables you to concentrate on the areas of your work that you know best. All of your needs are managed for you, including tax, payroll, invoicing and more.

Chesterfield Invoicing Services

Here at Chesterfield, we are dedicated to providing our clients with superior, professional invoicing solutions and support.

Chesterfield has been in operation for more than 30 years, with experience in payroll and self-employed management and delivery of funds. Our services are timely, efficient and extremely professional, while we remain up-to-date with the latest compliance and regulations.

Chesterfield will design an invoicing and payroll process and will create invoices for consulting services in the format required to suit the requirements of the contractor. As part of the invoicing process, specialist contract management and e-payment services may also be integrated to provide a seamless process from invoice to payment receipt.

Integrated, secure invoices can be raised efficiently with precision in all countries including accounting for VAT or sales taxes. This often permits the freelance contractor to concentrate on his core business.

We provide compliant international payroll and self-employed schemes for expatriate bankers worldwide, including banking services. Our highly trained and experienced staff supply services to contractors, agencies and end clients across multiple sectors. Our business model includes lawyers and accountants, IT consultants, government agencies, oil and gas, banking, telecoms, aviation, shipping and more.

We are incredibly proud of the high-quality, personalised services we provide to our clients. Our knowledge of the sector is in-depth, while we fully understand the requirement to remain tax compliant in every country.

We provide our contractors with the best possible retention rates on the market. With competitive fees in place and the most compliant solutions catered to all levels of income, our services are designed to satisfy the needs of all government compliance measures and local legislation.

We understand how important it is to turn around contractor payments as swiftly as possible. We never hold on to funds for longer than necessary, and have a rapid turnaround on payment.

We also reconcile our bank throughout the day, which ensures international payments are allocated and paid out as soon as possible after receipt. All international payments are sent as swiftly as possible by ‘international priority payments.’

For those contractors that are being paid in different currencies, we have partnerships with some of the best foreign exchange companies that offer competitive exchange rates. Working with Chesterfield ensures a smooth process from invoice to payment receipt.

Benefits of using Invoicing Services

Invoice services contribute to streamlining the administration of the freelance contractor, and therefore often improve cash flow to the efficiency of the contractor.

These services may be batched and systemised for agencies or employers with multiple contractors in one site. This provides the advantages of batch processing and cuts down on agency/employer administration and administrative time.

Invoicing and payments services take this burden of responsibility off the shoulders of the contractor. Consultants are then able to focus on their work without the added responsibility of processing invoices.

Please contact Chesterfield today to discuss your invoicing and payroll needs.