Contracting World Wide Services

IT and Telecommunication , Construction and Civil Engineering , Aviation , Flight crew and Ground staff and maintenance , Medical and Health care. Oil and Gas , Mining and Energy. Chance are that if you work in any of those industries that you that freelance contracts are available to you. In the United States its called freelancing , while in Europe the generic name is contracting and that’s what we do. We provide the back office functions to allow contract or freelance workers with the business entities to carry on their trades or professions. 

In the world of contracting the freelance worker engages in many of the activities that would normally be dealt with by separate departments at a company , where they are the employee. 

The move to contacting involves a shift to dealing in to dealing with finding and negotiating that next job or posting and then dealing with the legal , Accounting , and administrative burden of that’s comes with it. And that’s what we do. 

Many skilled professionals that operate on a freelancer contracting basis are responsible for setting up their next assignment or contact. There are many employment agencies that specialize in dealing with contact workers and other contracts might arise without an employment involvement for example a referral from a ex college approach from a former employer or contact made through a head hunter or one of the social media networks like linkedin.

Once offered a contract the most tedious tasks of a business entity is usually left to last.. But this is where we can help International contracting means dealing with a host of vexing issues even the most basic or routine activity , such as completing and signing the contract itself is now part of your administrative burden. 

Most contracts will require that you operate via a properly business entity such as an umbrella, composite, single person company or similar type of scheme. It may, depending on the location, required to be operated through a payroll scheme. This can involve issues like Global nobility , Employment law , expense claims , relocation and other compliance issues. 

Often when consultants switch countries regularly which can pose an additional complex international or local tax laws to navigate. As a leading international business services firm to contract professionals , we know how to manage the processes to allow you to concentrate on delivering your services , while we get on with the business of handling the administrative burden. 

Many people do not like detail and some freelance contractors are no different. Whether you like it or not the first task is always the detail that is in your contract. As this often dictates your compliance obligations and costs.

We work worldwide but chiefly in the EMEA (European Middle east and Africa) from a European base. And are fully focused on delivering business services to meet the demands of you and your agency or client.

Listed below are some of our most popular contracting services.  Kindly contact us for information on any service which is not on the list.