Switzerland is an expensive country and this is normally reflected in the contract rates , around 20% of the Swiss population are foreign nationals, the crime rate is very low as are attended social problems , Health care is excellent and people are required to hold health insurance. Health prices (for those who need medical insurance) is around CHF 300 per  month  -private insurance.

Energy prices (oil and Electricity) is CHF 900 and you pay more per year depending on how you live. Common bills like Internet , Television , telephone and mobile phone etc , Cable TV is around CHF 300 a year internet cable is from 43 CHF up to 200 CHF per month, prices of restaurants a good meal with Wine depends on what you eat is around is around CHF 120 to 200 for two people.

A glass of wine or beer is CHF 4 to 6 and coffee is between 4 and 6 too. It all depends on the canton you live in. To live decently with a car you would need to earn around CHF 5,000.00 per month taxes are quite expensive  and would cost you one or two months salary and its depends on the canton you live .

Road taxes varies depending on what kind of car you drive. You are probably better off leasing a car while you are there , or using the public transport because the cost of running a car while living in Switzerland is very expensive  , Switzerland is very expensive even I pack of cigarettes will cost you CHF 6.10. Switzerland is very expensive it’s the same level as Tokyo , Hawaii and New York .

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