3009, 2021

Three Key Steps To Effective Contractor Management

Companies involve various parties in their business practices to help their business thrive and evolve. These parties may include contractors or vendors who provide multiple services that may range from financing, workforce supply, goods supply, or consulting services for creating cost-effective supply chains. A contractor is an individual or organization hired by companies to perform work [...]

209, 2021

EU Travel Pass

EU Travel Pass Non-essential travel to the EU resumed on 19 July 2021.  Now persons who are vaccinated, or have a negative PCR test or have recently recovered from the virus can move more freely within the EU, though of course they should still keep member states individual requirements for travel [...]

408, 2021

Italy Special Tax Regime

Italy Special Tax Regime Italy introduced a special tax regime in April 2019 which allows remote working personnel who move their tax residence to Italy and become ‘inpatriates’ to a 70% tax exemption from employment income for five years providing they undertake to maintain their tax residence in Italy for at [...]

2503, 2021

Foreign Ownership in UAE

Exemption from Shari’a Law For Foreign Residents The United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country and is therefore subject to Shari’a Law, whereby heirs and descendants have the right to claim on an estate of a deceased which would then be distributed accordingly to the law irrespective of the deceased wishes. [...]

1703, 2021

Foreign Ownership in UAE

Foreign Ownership in UAE The United Arab Emirates has complex rules when it comes to ownership.  Fortunately it also has a lot of options. Previously under a law passed in 2015 foreign investors could only hold 49% of a mainland UAE company.  However based on recommendations by the Foreign Direct Investment [...]

401, 2021

UK Guidance on Statutory Residence Test

Individuals who freelance abroad are continuing to be hit by complexities due to travel restrictions amid the current COVID-19 pandemic.  The HMRC in the United Kingdom has published a Q&A document in order to tackle clarity on determining an individual’s residency position. It has introduced in some case whereby days can be considered ‘exceptional’ and therefore [...]

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