EU Travel Pass

Non-essential travel to the EU resumed on 19 July 2021.  Now persons who are vaccinated, or have a negative PCR test or have recently recovered from the virus can move more freely within the EU, though of course they should still keep member states individual requirements for travel in mind as some might still have additional quarantine or restrictions that need to be adhered to.

The certificate is a step towards getting society back to normal for EU member countries such as Ireland.  Irish citizens that have the Digital Covid Certificate and travel within the EU for pleasure or business can now return to Ireland without having to quarantine making the decision to travel much more appealing.

The certificate can also grant you easier access to Schengen countries such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland who have agreements with the EU.

Whilst in these uncertain times travel regulations are due to change on a moment’s notice, the EU Digital Covid Certificate is a clear example of the members states and affiliates eagerness to allow travel for the economic benefit of the country.  Whilst every person who has missed the excitement of international travel will be pleased with the news it is of particular relevance to international contractors and freelancers who may have found their livelihoods halted whilst the world dealt individually with the pandemic.