Panamanian companies that have undergone a formal dissolution now have the option of reactivation.

This reactivation of a Corporation in Panama is possible at any time before its liquidation has been finalised, it is also possible if the liquidation has been finalised and it is discovered that the company has assets that were not liquidated.  Upon reactivation the company may continue with its legal and contractual relations that had not ended prior to the dissolution.

In order to do this you need the majority shareholders to approve the decision to reactivate and hold a General Shareholders Meeting which will be registered in the Public Registry.

The process of restoration of a company once it is dissolved is available in a wide variety of jurisdictions and can be a somewhat complex and expensive procedure.

If you would like to learn more about the reactivation process in Panama or the restoration process in another jurisdiction please do not hesitate to contact us by following the link below or call us on our offices