The House of Lords has set up a Select Committee consisting of twelve members to investigate digital skills in the UK. The purpose of this committee is to make recommendations to ministers on how competitive the UK is in the area of Information communications and technology.  This is not the only examination into this area in the UK, the London Technology Week also holds a less formal private sector examination.

The committee has been formed on the basis of concerns that a shortage in IT skills may lead to an impeding of the capitals growth as it will not be able to compete internationally.   In particular they will be looking at whether the UK is developing a workforce that will have the skills in this area as it evolves in the future.

The Committee first met on the 18th June 2014 to discuss the formal enquiry and it has now published a call for evidence.  It is urging anyone with experience in the UK either working in, or recruiting staff in the technology industry to become involved.
The Committee is expected to publish its report by March 2015.