The Financial Services Commission has introduced a new Special Purpose Fund (SPF). This allows for the setting up of tax neutral funds. This SPF will enjoy ‘tax exempt’ status in Mauritius providing it meets the following conditions;

– Conducts investment only in countries which do not have tax arrangements with Mauritius
– Invest only in securities whose returns will be exempted from taxation
– All investors of an SPF are pension schemes or other persons entitled to tax exemptions

Mauritius already ranks as one of the most flexible and advantageous jurisdictions for funds due to its wide array of existing funds. In addition it has various tax incentives that add to its popularity such as;

– Tax credits for foreign tax paid including presumed tax paid
– Vast network of treaties to prevent double taxation
– No capital gains tax
– Low corporate income tax rate
– Interest paid on deposits in Banks are tax exempt
– Royalties paid to non-residents are exempt
– No stamp duties, registration duties or levies
– Various expenses and concessions are deductible

When combined with its strategic location and English speaking financial professionals it is easy to see why it is such a popular choice when looking for the ideal jurisdiction to establish a fund.