The UK’s decision to leave the EU has led to much speculation over what that will mean for Ireland.
If the UK is to tighten its immigration policies it is predicted that this could lead to a huge boost in the number of skilled workers looking to contract abroad whose second language is English choosing Ireland.  Of course on the other hand it has been argued that if the UK looks to enhance its immigration policies to attract only highly skilled workers then the influx that Ireland will suffer will be inclined towards low skilled workers.
In particular experts have cited technology, pharmaceuticals and financial services as being less accessible and less attractive in the UK post exit and therefore Ireland would benefit from a larger pool of candidates.
The UK currently experiences the highest interested from skilled EU workers looking for jobs and with Ireland being the only native English speaking country left in the EU it would stand to reason that interest would increase in opportunities there.
However, it is predicted depending on the UK’s changes to immigration policies that if skilled workers still flock to the UK and Ireland experiences an influx of unskilled workers then this may lead to their own referendum on whether to leave the EU within five years.