Theresa May the Prime Minister in the United Kingdom has been working the Brexit to her advantage, pushing this as a time for change in order for the United Kingdom to evolve into an ideal of what people want.  She has been encouraging businesses and employers to be vocal in order to help this transition.
Major recruiting agencies have obliged and significant changes have been recommended.
The removal of the Temporary Agency Workers Directive an EU directive that was introduced in 2008 is the chief demand.  Now that the UK is no longer part of the EU, recruiters for temporary staff including contractors want to be rid of this and it has been made clear that if it is not done away with completely then this should be at least significantly amended and that small changes are not good enough.
Teresa May has also been told that she should stop the Court of Justice of the European Union from interfering with UK Employment law.  Recent rulings were cited as having the potential to seriously impact sales related businesses.
Agencies have also criticized regulations for temporary workers which it states are aimed at protecting unskilled workers, but its failure to differentiate unskilled workers from that of skilled workers means that it can be detrimental to certain sectors.  Due to the diversity and scope of this industry it is urging that regulations steer away from comprehensive measures and that these be broken down into sub-categories for which the right policies can be applied in order to properly promote and support skilled workers.
It remains to be seen if Theresa May will acknowledge these recommendations and if the significant and promising changes she has vowed will be forthcoming.