In a recent report published by PwC Australia it was noted that despite woman generally stating they would like to work abroad only one in four expatriate workers are female.
Problems that face women who intend to work abroad are commonly;

– They are more likely to be part of a two-career household and therefore two jobs are required.  Male expats are much more likely to have a trailing spouse who will not necessarily enter the workforce.
– International assignments are more likely to be offered to men than woman usually on a misconception that women will be more concerned over impact on family.

The problem is not only confined to working abroad when it comes to women contractors.  It is estimated in the UK that only 17% of IT contractors are woman.  One of the main issues that is perhaps putting women off is the lack of maturity leave and other statutory benefits when considering temporary work.

Luckily attempts are being made by a wide variety of countries to recognise the reasons for these disproportionate figures between men and woman and moves are being made to attempt to remedy this.

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