Aviation is a very general term when you look at all the employment opportunities covered by the field. To name but a few possible sectors;

– Pilots/Cabin Crew
– Technicians/Engineers
– Handling Personnel
– Management and Operations
– Programmers
– Security

The first commercial flight was in January 1914, but as we quickly approach the 100th anniversary of this we can see the vast advancements to an industry that whilst still so young we could not possibly imagine living without. Aviation is not limited to commercial flights for pleasure must also encompasses military, agricultural and freight.

The increasing demand and vast degree of possible positions and different skilled areas make aviation a big attraction for contractors working abroad. Due to the rate of growth in this industry it is estimated that a more than one million new pilots and technicians will be needed in the next two decades alone. This high demand means a certain amount of job security in aviation which is very important in today’s ever changing society and depending on the position you can earn a significant pay check. Already large companies are recognising the need for future experienced skilled workers in order to operate and expand at the levels required to keep up with technical advancements and competition and so are recruiting trainees straight out of school in order to ensure that they will have the degree of persons with the necessary highly trained skills and experience to cope with demand.

The extensive opportunities for travel and working abroad in this field though give rise to questions concerning residency and tax as well as different legislation and contracts per country to deal with. Though with the correct planning there are numerous tax benefits depending on your residence and location, that our experienced expert staff will be able to advice and help with.

Chesterfield will be able to help you ensure that you are fully tax compliant whilst you are also getting the optimum take home pay. We offer several solutions to assist with this including

invoicing services/payroll
– self-employed schemes
offshore companies

Chesterfield understand that you want to make the most of your time as well as your money without the additional headache and offer a dedicated member of staff as point of contact to assist you with this.

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