UK Registry

Companies House

There are more than three million companies registered in the UK with more than 400,000 companies being incorporated each year and the department responsible for their company registration is Companies House. The UK has had its company registration system since 1844. The company registration matters come under the Companies Act 2006 Law.

Companies House systems are fully electronic allowing fast submission and processing. Company registration can be done same day. It is important to note that Companies House records are accessible by the public. There is a requirement to file an annual return each year with Companies House with respect to the company, please note that annual tax returns must be filed aswell with the HM Revenue and Customs.

Land Registry

The land registry deal with ownership and interest in land in the UK. This is governed by the Land Registration Act 2002 and the Land Registration Rules 2003. The purpose of this is to have a simple and modern registration laws which allows the registry to have a more complete picture regarding the title to land showing any rights and interest affecting it