Seychelles Offshore Company

The Republic of Seychelles was originally a French colony; it was acquired by the British and became independent in 1976. The capital and financial centre is Victoria. In 1994 the Seychelles introduced legislation, which enabled the formation of international business companies and international trusts and covering the licensing of International Trade Zone companies.

The Seychelles International Business Authority regulates the financial services sector, which licenses businesses, which engage in offshore banking, offshore mutual fund and offshore insurance activities and the formation of offshore companies and trusts.

International Business Companies pay a fixed annual license fee, according to the size of the authorised capital. A special license company, i.e. a company operating in the International Free Trade Zone pays at 1.5% on its worldwide income.

Seychelles offshore company regulations

Type of entity IBC
Type of law Hybrid
Corporate taxation Nil
Double taxation treaties available South Africa
Share Capital
Usual currency U.S.$
Permitted currencies Any
Minimum paid up Usually $1, but no par value and bearer shares available
Usual authorised $5,000
Minimum number 1
Local resident required No
Records publicly available No
Corporate Directors allowed Yes
Shareholders / Members
Minimum number 1
Records publicly available Optional
Location of Meetings Anywhere
Company Secretary
Required No
Local or qualified N/A
Required Yes
Audit required No
Filing required No
Publicly available No
Annual return required No
Change of domicile permitted Yes
Shelf companies availabe Yes
Time to incorporate shelf co 2-3 working days
Time to incorporate new co 3-5 working days