International Banking

International Banking

Many people misunderstand the term International Banking. Various international centres have developed into highly reputable and regulated environments specifically positioned to deal with the international consultant where the level of regulation and investor protection is equivalent to, and occasionally better than, local banking centres. Many of the leading banking groups have established state of the art international banking facilities in these areas specifically for the busy international contractor and expat. Chesterfield is a recognised introducer of International contractors and expats to leading international banking providers.

The majority of banks are engaged in providing private banking facilities and the services offered extend beyond simple deposit and money transmissions. Some international contractors require confidentiality while others will require services to deal with such matters as foreign currency transactions, international mortgages, pensions and share dealing facilities.  Often e-banking and multi currency credit cards and debit cards are in high demand by the busy expat.

In line with international anti-money laundering regulations, Banks have detailed requirements they must legally comply with before they can open an account. We establish and provide an introduction to the leading international banking providers and advise on the most suitable arrangements for the international consultant and expat.

The range of international banking facilities Includes:

  • Personal and company bank accounts
  • Personal and company credit card facilities
  • Cheque book and current accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Cash cards
  • Residential mortgage facilities
  • International commercial mortgage facilities
  • Internet banking