Hong Kong Offshore Company

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region within the Peoples Republic of China consisting of part of the mainland and numerous offshore islands. Until 1997 it was a British colony. It elects its own legislature and maintains its own Court structure.

Hong Kong is a free port with excellent communications facilities and a major new international airport. China itself is developing rapidly and Hong Kong is its leading gateway. It has its own, fully convertible, currency, pegged to the U.S. dollar and it is the leading financial centre in South East Asia. The official languages are English and Cantonese.

Taxation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the very few territories that tax on a territorial basis. Hong Kong profits tax is only charged on the profits of a trade, profession or business carried on in Hong Kong. Income arising in Hong Kong is taxed at 17.5% and there are no taxes on capital gains, interest or dividends.

Royalties paid to non-residents are taxed at 5.25% or 17.5% depending on the relationship of the recipient to the payer.

Hong Kong offshore company regulations

Type of entity Private Limited
Type of law Common
Corporate taxation Nil on foreign profits
Double taxation treaties available Yes*
Share Capital
Usual currency HK$
Permitted currencies Any
Minimum paid up HK$1
Usual authorised HK$1,000
Minimum number 1
Local resident required No
Records publicly available Yes
Corporate Director allowed Yes
Shareholders / Members
Minimum number 1
Records publicly available Yes
Location of Meetings Anywhere
Company Secretary
Required Yes
Local or qualified Local
Required Yes
Audit required Yes
Filing required Yes
Publicly available No
Annual return required Yes
Change of domicile permitted No
Availability of shelf companies No
Time to incorporate shelf co N/A
Time to incorporate new co 5-8 working days