Dubai is a world-renowned destination for commercial purposes, and has quickly emerged as one of the most sought-after business locations in the world. The city’s strategic location, business-friendly policies and diverse culture make it an ideal place to establish a business.

Dubai is also one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, with trading being the main factor that has bolstered the city’s economy. This leading commercial centre has an exceptional administrative infrastructure, as well as liberal taxation policies for new companies.

Interested to learn more? Read on to discover some of the many benefits of setting up your business in Dubai, and how Chesterfield can help you with the entire process.

Why should you set up your business in Dubai?

Strategic Location

Dubai lies at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, thus making it an ideal destination for businesses seeking to expand globally. The city’s world-class infrastructure and transport links make it easy to connect with the rest of the world, and there are thousands of weekly flights to every corner of the globe.

Regionally, its well-earned reputation for stability, reliability and low risk makes it the perfect gateway to the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The city also boasts an unrivalled reach of some 2.4 billion consumers from the Middle East, Indian sub-continent and Africa.

Tax-Free Environment

As a result of the UAE’s dedication to building a business-friendly ecosystem, international investors get to enjoy immense tax benefits in the region.

Dubai offers an extremely competitive tax environment for businesses, meaning that companies can operate with minimal corporate or personal income tax. What’s more, there is a VAT rate of just 5%, which is far lower than most global commercial capitals. These attractive tax policies make Dubai an appealing location for businesses seeking to minimise their tax liabilities and establish themselves in this prospering territory.

Ease of Doing Business

Dubai has a very business-friendly environment, with minimal bureaucracy and red tape. The city regularly ranks as the top in the region for government effectiveness, political stability, quality of regulation and the rule of law, making it a strong location for any company looking to access international markets for growth. Further, the city’s government has implemented several initiatives to streamline the entire business setup process, making it easy for companies to establish themselves here.

Diversified Economy

The city is also home to a diversified economy, which has earned it the title ‘the City of Gold’. Some of the many thriving sectors here include construction, e-commerce, finance, fintech, healthcare, industrialisation, manufacturing, real estate, technology, trade and tourism (to name but a few). This prosperous city continues to make significant contributions to these diverse sectors.

Diverse Culture

Dubai has a diverse and multicultural population, which creates a welcoming environment for businesses. The city is home to a large community of expats, with more than 92% of its population begin expat or migrant workers. This diversity has created a robust economy with many opportunities for growth and innovation.

Liberal Regulatory Environment

When it comes to company formation in Dubai, the process couldn’t be simpler. You need to provide minimal paperwork, as well as a suitable business name. From there onwards, company formation consultants such as Chesterfield will help you with the entire formation process, including registration, licensing, and legal procedures, along with any other certification that you require to set up your business here.

How Chesterfield can help you set up your business in Dubai? 

Chesterfield is a leading company formation service provider in Dubai. With almost 30 years of experience in providing company formation services, we are on hand to support you at every step of the process.

We offer a wide range of services to businesses of all types and sizes, including company registration, visa assistance, accounting and bookkeeping, and legal services.

Here are some of the ways in which Chesterfield can help you with the process of setting up your business in Dubai:

  • Company Registration

Chesterfield can help you register your company in Dubai by taking care of all the paperwork and legal formalities.

  • Visa Assistance

Our team of specialists will help you obtain the necessary visas for you and your employees to work in Dubai.

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping

Chesterfield offers expert accounting and bookkeeping services to ensure that your business stays compliant with local regulations.

  • Legal Services

Chesterfield can provide you with legal advice and assistance on all matters related to business setup and operation in Dubai.

Setting up your business in Dubai can provide you with several benefits, competitive tax rates, ease of doing business, and a diverse culture. Chesterfield can help you with the entire process of setting up your business here, from company registration to legal services, making the process seamless and hassle-free.

Contact Chesterfield today to learn more about how we can help you establish your business in Dubai.