The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and Dubai, as a whole, have become attractive destinations for setting up holding companies. With their favourable business environment, robust legal framework, and strategic location, they offer significant advantages for businesses seeking to establish a holding company.

Below, we explore the benefits of setting up a holding company in DIFC/Dubai, highlighting key considerations and steps to ensure a successful setup. We then discuss how Chesterfield can support and guide you throughout the entire process.

The Rise of a Holding Company in DIFC/Dubai

Holding companies have gained prominence as a preferred corporate structure for businesses expanding their operations globally. DIFC and Dubai provide an ideal environment for establishing holding companies, thanks to their favourable tax policies, efficient legal system, and access to global markets.

Holding companies in DIFC and Dubai can serve as a centralised entity for managing subsidiary companies, facilitating efficient capital allocation, risk management, and operational control.

They primarily exist to hold and manage investments in other companies, and act as the parent company, by owning and controlling subsidiary companies or shares of other entities. By establishing a holding company in DIFC/Dubai, investors can consolidate ownership, optimise tax planning and streamline management and control of their investments.

Benefits of Establishing a Holding Company in the DIFC

Benefit from Tax Advantages

Setting up a holding company in DIFC/Dubai offers attractive tax advantages. The UAE has implemented a favourable tax regime, with no corporate or personal income tax on profits or capital gains. Additionally, DIFC provides exemptions from withholding tax, customs duty, and restrictions on the repatriation of capital and profits. Leveraging these tax advantages can significantly enhance the profitability and long-term sustainability of your holding company.

Access to Financial Services and Expertise

DIFC offers a wide range of financial services and access to a pool of experienced professionals, including legal, financial, and investment advisors. These experts can provide valuable guidance on investment strategies, risk management, and corporate structuring. They can assist in identifying and evaluating potential investment opportunities, conducting due diligence, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Setting Up a Holding Company in DIFC/Dubai

Establishing a holding company in DIFC/Dubai involves several key steps:

Research and Planning

Before setting up a holding company in DIFC/Dubai, thorough research and planning are essential. Identify the investment objectives, consider the structure of the holding company, and assess the legal and regulatory framework within DIFC. Determine the types of investments the holding company will make and evaluate the potential financial and operational implications.

Choose the Right Legal Structure

Selecting the appropriate legal structure is crucial for a holding company. In DIFC, one can establish a holding company as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a free zone entity, or a Recognised Company. Each structure has distinct characteristics and requirements, so it is important to consult with legal advisors to determine the best fit for your specific needs.

Obtain Necessary Licenses and Permits

To operate as a holding company in DIFC/Dubai, certain licenses and permits must be obtained. This includes obtaining a license from the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) in DIFC. The application process involves submitting the required documents, such as a business plan, financial projections, and proof of capital adequacy. It is crucial to comply with the DFSA’s regulations and demonstrate a solid business model to obtain the necessary approvals.

Establish Corporate Governance and Compliance

Holding companies in DIFC/Dubai must adhere to robust corporate governance practices and maintain compliance with local regulations. This includes appointing directors and establishing a board, implementing effective internal control systems, and ensuring compliance with reporting and disclosure requirements. Engage legal and financial professionals, such as Chesterfield, to guide you in setting up proper governance structures and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Chesterfield’s Support and Expertise

Chesterfield offers comprehensive support and expertise to businesses looking to establish a holding company in DIFC/Dubai. With their deep understanding of the local legal and regulatory framework, they guide businesses through each step of the process. Chesterfield’s services include company registration, obtaining necessary licenses and permits, corporate structuring advice, assistance with opening bank accounts, visa processing, and ongoing administrative support.

By partnering with Chesterfield, businesses can streamline the establishment of their holding company. Chesterfield’s experienced team ensures compliance with legal requirements, facilitates efficient communication with relevant authorities, and saves valuable time and effort for their clients. They offer personalised solutions tailored to each business’s unique needs, enabling a smooth and seamless setup process.

Benefits of Choosing Chesterfield

Engaging Chesterfield as your corporate services provider for setting up a holding company in DIFC/Dubai offers several key advantages. Firstly, their expertise in the local legal and regulatory framework ensures compliance throughout the entire setup process. They navigate the complex documentation, licensing, and permitting requirements, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities.

Secondly, Chesterfield’s industry knowledge and network of contacts within DIFC/Dubai provide access to valuable insights and resources. They stay updated with changes in regulations and market trends, ensuring businesses make informed decisions throughout the setup process.

Additionally, Chesterfield’s ongoing administrative support relieves businesses from the burden of day-to-day operational tasks. They handle account maintenance, transaction processing, compliance monitoring, and reporting requirements, allowing businesses to concentrate on their strategic objectives and core competencies.

Setting up a Holding Company in Dubai with Chesterfield

Setting up a holding company in DIFC/Dubai offers numerous strategic advantages for businesses expanding their global operations. With their favourable business environment, robust legal framework, and access to global markets, DIFC and Dubai are ideal locations for establishing a holding company.

It is essential to thoroughly research, plan, and seek professional guidance throughout the process to ensure compliance with regulations, optimize tax planning, and establish effective corporate governance. By leveraging the benefits of establishing a holding company in DIFC/Dubai, investors can consolidate their investments, enhance asset protection, and capitalize on the strategic opportunities offered by this dynamic financial hub.

Chesterfield is a trusted corporate services provider with almost 30 years of industry experience. By partnering with Chesterfield, this ensures a smooth and efficient setup process. Their expertise in the local legal and regulatory landscape, coupled with their comprehensive range of services, allows businesses to establish their holding company with confidence. By leveraging Chesterfield’s support, businesses can focus on their growth strategies and capitalise on the strategic advantages provided by DIFC/Dubai.

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