Cyprus Bank Accounts

Chesterfield has a strong relationship with various banks worldwide.

One such country, for clients who have administration services there and therefore is convenient is Cyprus. There may be various logistical and commercial reasons for this, however our base in Cyprus allows us to interact personally with the banks therefore resolving any issues quickly.

Cyprus has national banks such as Bank of Cyprus and Marfin Laiki Bank, but also has internationally known banks such as Barclays Bank which whilst being situated in Cyprus has a London base.

The following are advantages to choosing to bank in Cyprus:

  • Our strong relationship and close proximity with several reputable banks in Cyprus
  • There is no need for a personal appointment at the bank. Unlike other jurisdictions banks, Cyprus do not require to meet beneficial owners in person and so they are not expected to travel to Cyprus for an appointment
  • Cyprus banks are well known and respected in the European Union and Internationally
  • The banks can trade in various currencies
  • Bank accounts can be fast tracked to be opened within a couple of days (providing all information and compliance are supplied)

For more information regarding opening a bank account in Cyprus or anywhere else worldwide please follow the link below or call us on our offices

Telephone Number: +44 20 7097 1385