Due to the evolution of IT and travel the world is no longer a small place especially when it comes to companies, who no matter the size are increasingly having a global presence.  With that said and well into the new year we take a look back to assess the most competitive economies of 2015.
According to a report which assessed the global competitiveness of one hundred and forty economies worldwide Switzerland was still number one, this does not come as a surprise considering that it has now held this position for seven years in a row.  Singapore just missed out again holding the number two position for the fifth year in a row.
Places three through to six have only seen some minor movement, but also for the most part remained consistent with previous years and are held in the following order:-

 3  United States
 4  Germany
 5  Netherlands
 6  Japan
 7  Hong Kong
 8  Finland
 9  Sweden

The United Kingdom holds tenth position slipping one from number nine in 2014 despite seeing an improvement in many areas.

If you are perhaps expanding your business to include any of the above jurisdictions or indeed any worldwide and would like to discuss various aspects of the economies and the best possible structuring please do not hesitate to contact us.