Whilst many of us are feeling the confines that the Covid pandemic has brought to our travel plans it is not all doom and gloom for everybody.  For instance many exotic locations keen to find a way to negate losses from lack of tourism are offering special programmes for skilled workers to go and work remotely.

The Cayman Islands is once such location.  It introduced the Global Citizen Concierge Programme in 2020, whereby international contractors can move and work from The Cayman Islands for up to two years.  This has recently been revised and you can now also choose to relocate and work there for ninety days.  Whilst there are fees involved and a minimum salary so it is only applicable to successful businessmen whom can work remotely it certainly has many benefits if you can afford and are able to do it.

The Caymans is not the only location to look to tempt white collar knowledge workers to its shores, Barbados and Portugal are among others have introduced attractive packages.  The Caymans does however also offer a concierge program to assist with all the legal paperwork in addition to booking flights and finding somewhere to stay and so is attractive for its ease of transition.