When deciding to contract abroad one never looks forward to the associated paperwork involved to enable the move to go smoothly, especially work permits.
Africa is the second largest continent in the world and consists of over fifty countries and can therefore be quite a daunting prospect when considering a move there for work, which is a shame as it has a lot to offer both culturally and employment wise with many thriving sectors such as IT, telecommunications and energy industries.

Here at Chesterfield we are able to take a large part of the stress out of the decision, by offering assistance in obtaining a work permit in many African countries and offering a wide variety of payroll solutions to fit your individual requirements.  Our specialist knowledge and previous experience makes navigating the regulatory landscape and local customs a much less scary notion.

The work permit application process can be quite arduous especially for those not familiar with it and each country has its own unique set of requirements such as vaccinations.  We offer simple advice and assistance with the application to minimise your effort and maximise results.
With regards to payroll our options can be adapted to your needs and ensure you are fully compliant and have accurate payroll and peace of mind.  We provide a boutique service with one point of contact to deal with all of your needs A through to Z.
So if you are considering contracting in Africa please do not hesitate to contact us to see what we can do for you and then all you will need to worry about is the man eating lions!