The results of the 2015 survey conducted by the Reputation Institute have now been published and many of the countries which are popular for international contractors rank in the top ten.
The top ten countries are as follows with Ireland just missing out at number 11.

1. Canada
2. Norway
3. Sweden
4. Switzerland
5. Australia
6. Finland
7. New Zealand
8. Denmark
9. Netherlands
10. Belgium

The study involved a variety of aspects including the friendliness of the people, lifestyle, countryside, safe environment, availability of brands and products, education, social and economic policies, effective government in addition to a number of other factors.
When undertaking a contract in a foreign country, there are a number of factors which a contractor must take into account.  There are the obvious ones about their living environment such as the above, but there is also the work environment which may present many fiscal and regulatory burdens that can be quite complex if you are not familiar with the countries rules.
We at Chesterfield have years of experience when dealing with these jurisdictions and will provide a dedicated member of staff to assist you with all your queries and handle a good deal of the paperwork for you allowing you to kick back and enjoy your new environment.

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