When starting a new job everybody experiences some degree of trepidation over concerns such as what if I don’t fit in or what if I don’t like it there.  This is magnified when you are an international contractor as probably the primary concern over concerns for your job is whether you will fit in or like it in the new destination that you have to move too.

Individual countries economic factors and regulations surrounding temporary work have major effects on their demand for international contractors.
Countries like Switzerland have always been popular for international contractors due to its relatively high pay rates and quality of life and this continues to be the case.  However, there has been a significant increase in demand in South America countries like Brazil due to growth and investment, which they have recognised and sought to attract contractors by offering tax incentives for skilled workers.  Ecuador recently ranked first in a survey for personal happiness, finding friends and cost of living for expats, whilst also ranking fifth for working abroad.

Other countries that have ranked well in a variety of surveys when it comes to living and working abroad are;

–  Singapore, which is known for its stable affluent business environment it also offers low tax rates and generous financial packages
– China, with economists predicting that China will become the world’s largest economy by 2018 it has many employment opportunities whilst also offering low living costs and high disposable incomes combined with its interesting culture
– Germany, as it leads the Eurozone its strong economy has proven a draw for skilled workers
– New Zealand, offers skilled workers a stay of up to five years in an effort to attract these to the country whilst also offering an attractive climate and low crime rates

Ultimately it is a person’s personal circumstances that will decide where it is best to contract abroad.  However, employment and taxation rules must always be taken into account and can often prove to be quite daunting.  We offer a variety of self-employed solutions that can negate many of the bureaucratic minefields that accompany the decision to contract abroad.

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