Last year Matthew Taylor the United Kingdom’s head of the Royal Society of Arts conducted a nine month review centring on modern working practices whose findings were published on the 11 July 2017.
Whilst his observations that there is no clear definition of self-employment and this needs to be more well-defined for the clarity of legislation is welcomed, disappointment has also been expressed that the review did not go far enough as to make sufficient recommendations with regards to defining self-employment.
Disappointment has also been expressed that there is no mention of sick pay despite it being cited within one of the six main themes in the review scope under security, pay and rights and despite a poll showing that self-employed would welcome this employee-style benefit above all else.
Prime Minister, Teresa May has shown support for the review vowing to build on the strength of the labour market and support those who dare to strive and support themselves, however no firm commitment has yet been announced with regards to implementing any of the suggestions of the review despite it specifically urging for a need to legislate.