Record numbers of women in the United Kingdom are choosing self-employment over traditional permanent positions.  The flexible hours and remote working conditions are a particular draw to women returning to work after child birth.  Scotland in particular has a much larger average of women in creative businesses than the rest of the UK.
Since the early 2000’s the UK has seen a strong overall rise in the number of self-employed both male and female whose percentage now provide a strong support to the economy.  With this has come increasing pressure on government to remedy certain complications that come with the life such as childcare.
The number of women international contractors has always been significantly less than that of males due to security issues in particular maternity and childcare.  However, with the current skills gap in the UK and concerns over access to the European talent pool once the Brexit is concluded combined with government promises to look into issues of childcare schemes it is perhaps now a more attractive choice for women with the relevant skills who wish to have more control over their hours and pay.
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