The decision to exit the EU has raised some interesting questions in the IT world.
One of the reasons being promoted in the campaigns to leave the EU was to put an end to being dictated to and forced to abide by rules not necessarily agreed with, but now that it is a reality it is not that simple.  Many companies are finding that if the UK is not compliant with EU legislation it will seriously affect trade between the two.
One question in particular is with regards to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) adopted by the European Union on the 24 May 2016.  This legislation will replace the Data Protection Act 1998 with a much stricter data privacy regime and is directly applicable to all EEA countries and therefore is not required to be implemented in the UK post exit.  However, this will need to be enforced in some manner in the UK if businesses are handling any European customer’s personal information.   Depending on terms agreed with regards to Britain’s access to the EU market the GDPR may have to be implanted in full alternatively it is likely that new regulations, similar to GDPR will have to be introduced.
Statements issued by the UK’s Information Commissioner have already confirmed its commitment to working closely with regulators in other countries and that this would continue to be the case.  Therefore rumours that techies will not need to worry about implementing any of the new rules appear to be completely unfounded.