A Spanish bank called Caixa has announced the launch of a new service aimed specifically at international clients.

The service which is available under the marketing name HolaBank will operate initially via a network of 100 branches, but is also available online.  The staff are specifically trained in helping customers with international issues and are able to assist in several languages such as English, German, French or Russian.

The service is aimed at international clients whether they reside in Spain permanently or for just part of the year.  The living solutions plan offers services like, legal advice, access to translations and interpreters as well as assistance with the day to day problems such as handyman service and medical appointments.

This recognition of the daily obstacles that international contractors encounter whilst working will be welcomed by many and it will be interesting to see if the programme produces the increase in international customers that the bank is predicting as this could greatly affect the introduction of similar services into other countries.

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