We reported recently on working remotely from the Bahamas for one year.

Bermuda has now followed suit.  They are also offering a temporary one year residency certificate and it has also increased its maximum stay from ninety to one hundred and eighty days.

The global pandemic has seen a number of countries tourism drop drastically with no guarantees as to when this will pick up again.  For small islands like Bahamas and Bermuda this has decimated their GDP which relays heavily on tourism, despite their limited cases due to their natural isolation.  These temporary incentives are an attempt to attract a certain type of individual to bring much needed cash into the islands.

For our self-employed contractors and freelancers who are not necessarily tied into one location it is a perfect way to spread their wings and shake off any lingering repression resulting from the enforced lockdown.

It is not only holiday resort islands that are offering remote workers more opportunities.  Estonia in Europe is reportedly preparing to launch its digital nomad scheme which will be open to individuals such as freelancers under certain criteria.  Georgia which borders Europe and Asia has also made announcements concerning its visa programme which will allow international freelancers and self-employed contractors to work remotely for an indefinite period of time.

It seems that if you are in the enviable position of not being tied to an office then this pandemic might just have opened up a wide array of opportunities to work from any countries that might have been on your bucket list.