We have highlighted to contractors before that when being offered a well-paid position abroad you should always check the cost of living beforehand.  What might seem like a good wage compared to what you are currently earning can quickly disappear through your fingers once rent and living expenses are paid out leaving you sometimes worse off.
The numbers are now in and the most expensive cities for expatriates for 2015 have been identified and we are hereby sharing the information to alert you to cities where the cost of living should always be weighed against salary.
Luanda in Angola has ranked the most expensive due to residential costs including extra security measures required.
Cities in Asia have occupied five of the top ten most expensive cities spots with Hong Kong coming in at number two, Singapore at number four, Shanghai and Beijing at six and seven and Seoul in South Korea at number eight.
Switzerland which has always been a popular destination amongst contractors due to the high salaries, stable economy and good living conditions occupies three of the top ten positions with Zurich at number three, Geneva at number five and Berne at number nine.
If you are thinking of contracting in any of the above destinations or indeed anywhere worldwide and would like to discuss salary options and gain from our expertise in dealing with countless contractors working abroad please do not hesitate to contact us.