As Europe’s largest country Germany has the second largest market in Europe for fixed-term contractors, superseded only by the UK.  This is due in part to its range of business opportunities for international contractors.  The Government recognizes the need for a temporary and flexible labor market and subsequently promotes this.


Labour leasing in Germany is governed by the German employment agencies law.  This means that any firm wishing to lease employees must first obtain a license from the state labour office.  To work in Germany you need either to be employed by a German payroll provider or obtain self-employed status.  There are stringent regulations in Germany and professional advice should always be sought before engaging in either option.  Chesterfield are able to provide this advice and set you up as self-employed and invoice via one of our established schemes and will be able to negotiate all the complicated Germany tax rules and paperwork for you.

If you are an EU or an EEA citizen then you do not need a work permit to work in Germany providing that this does not exceed three months.

If you are thinking of contracting in Germany and would like to learn more about how our services could benefit you please contact us by following the link below or call us on our offices. Telephone Number: 44 20 7097 1385 Contact Us