There are a number of benefits offered by the formation of an Offshore Trading Company and the Chesterfield Group is able to help clients with the setting up of an Offshore Trading Company, along with a number of other valued added corporate and trustee services, which include the administration and formation of trusts, and Offshore Trading foundations. The Chesterfield Group is also knowledgeable with the contracting of staff, property acquisitions and with shipping, which includes yacht management and crew payroll services. Before the decision is made to set up an Offshore Trading Company, many factors must be considered, and it is important to understand exactly what an Offshore Trading Company is. An Offshore company is simply a company that is formed out of the borders of the home country of the business owner, and the reason why a number of astute business owners contemplate setting up an Offshore Trading Company is because of the business laws and tax laws which are in place in a particular country. A lot of countries have come to understand that their country can benefit by foreign investment and to this end, they will offer the Offshore Trading Company tax or no tax, and more than the tax benefits, other benefits which are enjoyed by an Offshore Trading Company include risk management, lucrative business climates, political stability, asset protection, a lot less red-tape and increased privacy.

The Chesterfield Group will offer business owners a registered office for their Offshore Trading Company, and registered agent services within the countries in which they have jurisdiction. Other services which will be made available to the Offshore Trading Company include accounting services, such as VAT registration, tax registration and administration. The offshore jurisdictions which are offered by the Chesterfield Group, and which may be considered as a registered office for the Offshore Trading Company, include Cyprus Dubai, Cayman Islands, Singapore, Madeira, Liberia, and the Isle of Man among several others. The Group has many years of experience within the realm of formations of Offshore Trading Companies and our skilled administrators can set the Offshore Trading Company as a Liability Company, a Limited Liability a Partnership, or a company that is limited by Guarantee.

In order to best understand the value of our services for the Offshore Trading Company, feel free to visit the website, www.chesterfield-group.com. Our services include, but are not limited to, the appointment of directors, company secretaries, shareholders, and we will take care of the Offshore Trading Company’s local as well as international filing. The experience coupled with the expertise of the Chesterfield Group has allowed them to obtain a clear understanding of the criteria that must be met for each different country and as such, we are able to provide business owners with invaluable insight into the formation of an Offshore Trading Company. Our Group has offices around the world and for the business owner who is keen to enjoy the benefits of an Offshore Trading Company and the services of an experienced Offshore Company administrator, our website will offer detailed information.