Chesterfield Group offers their clients corporate and trustee services, which includes the formation of offshore companies and administration as well as the formation of trusts and foundations and is able to supply relevant information regarding offshore banking. Our role would be to assist clients in setting up Offshore companies overseas, such as in Cyprus, as well as in several offshore jurisdictions, which include Dubai, Cayman Islands, Singapore, Madeira, Liberia, and the Isle of Man to name a few. In May 2004, the tax regime for Offshore companies in Cyprus was revised and a rate of 10% tax was introduced and this revised tax rate is applicable to both Offshore and Onshore companies in Cyprus. This revised tax rate is one of the lowest rates in the EU and due to the fact that there is several double taxation treaties in place, several businesses are looking at setting up Offshore companies in Cyprus. Those who reside in Cyprus are also able to enjoy good exceptions in terms of personal tax.

Via our website, www.chesterfieldgroup.com, we have created a full section which details the Offshore Cyprus company regulations, such as type of law, rate of corporate taxation and if double taxation treaties are offered. This will allow interested parties to gain detailed information about setting up Offshore offices in Cyprus and how they will be able to benefit from the revised, lowered taxation polices. In terms of financial assistance the Central Bank of Cyprus offers financial aid to several services, such as banking, insurance and investment management activities and to this end, starting up companies may find that Offshore offices in Cyprus may prove to be worthwhile. Other information which is provided on our website includes the need to appoint a company secretary to oversee the operations of the Offshore business in Cyprus, and the need to submit annual returns and the time which is given to incorporate new Offshore companies in Cyprus.

Other than offering aid with the setting up of an Offshore office in Cyprus, Chesterfield Group’s services include contracting, property and shipping, all of which work hand in hand with Offshore setting up in Cyprus and the other jurisdictions which are served by our company. To find out more about Cyprus, in regards to Offshore company regulations, share capital, directors, accounts and other information in Cyprus, browse the insightful and informative website of the Chesterfield Group. Our company has offices located around the world and to view the full profile of our services, including Offshore development in Cyprus, visit the website. The Chesterfield Group is determined to provide their clients with the very best of services, while continually maintaining a personal relationship with each client, and as such, our company has been able to meet the needs of a diverse selection of clients, not only in Offshore matters, but in contracting, property and shipping. Find out more about Offshore offices in Cyprus via our site.