In order to offer easy and reliable offshore corporate services and other business services Chesterfield Group have a number of offices located all around the world. Their offices are located in the UK, United States, England, Cyprus and Ireland. Offshore corporate services by Chesterfield Group are very important when it comes down to having to administer business services. Chesterfield Group take care of all business services for individuals and corporate organizations who are involved in the contract labor market. They do this for their clients so their clients can focus on more important jobs at hand. Chesterfield Group is well-known for providing offshore corporate services and international taxation services for the international mobile professional. They are able to offer accountants and legal specialists with advice on how to handle and administer the affairs of international and local contractors.

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There are a number of offshore corporate services offered by Chesterfield Group. These include personal and company bank accounts, personal and company credit card facilities, check book and current accounts, credit cards, debit cards, cash cards, residential mortgage facilities, international commercial mortgage facilities and internet banking. So when deciding on a bank it is very important to think about their special packages they offer their clients. They may have additional hidden charges which the client will not be able to see at first. This is why Chesterfield Group charge a flat rate fee with no hidden additional charges for their clients. Offshore corporate services by Chesterfield Group are provided by a well-trained team of professional accountants and other professionals working in various fields and majors. They are in fields of law banking and finance, management and administration. They take care of business services for contractors working in various fields such as IT professionals, engineering and construction specialists and the telecoms and petro chemical industries. So come online now to receive the most professional offshore business services out there in the market today. Clients will indeed be satisfied.