Chesterfield Group has a one of a kind and dedicated commitment with their clients in offshore companies worldwide. They enable contractors to achieve a contract without needing to make or operate their own limited company. Meaning they can operate and focus on more important work in their company while the rest of the work is taken care of by Chesterfield Group. Their aim is offer their clients with focused and affordable business services to their freelance contractors no matter where they are located. Clients will find business services in regards to payroll to mortgages and from health insurance to pensions all under one roof. With the help of Chesterfield Group offshore companies worldwide are relived of the stress to operate their own limited company. They achieve benefits such as limited liability status, professional insurance and tax relief for work expenses incurred. Clients can continue to operate their businesses with the help of Chesterfield Group when they decide to change contract or restart after a period of not contracting. They have a number and a variety of packages to choose from so this is the reason why they are the best solution for business services. Chesterfield Group offers their clients in offshore companies worldwide with greater flexibility when they come to them.

They provide them with the same legal and tax structure as the client’s own limited company. The difference will be that instead of clients owning their company directly they will be sharing their company’s ownership or benefits with other domestic contractors who are in a similar situation. The clients do not need to know or meet the other contractors. This is because their financial situations are operated as a division of the umbrella company. Many agencies have the requirement that they are invoiced for the work they have done so they can not be held liable for any deemed underpayment of tax. Chesterfield Group ensures that they offer their clients in offshore companies worldwide with the best tax and legal advice in the market. They have an up-to-date and modern payroll and systems processing.

They also try to ensure that each and every client that comes to Chesterfield Group received the professional and personal service they deserve. They are very accurate when it comes to deadlines and make sure that their client’s payments are made accurately and efficiently. At Chesterfield Group the professional and dedicated team that works there make sure their clients in offshore companies worldwide go through an easy breezy process when they come to them. They do this to ensure that domestic workers are able to concentrate on their careers and earnings. They aim to provide their clients with an outstanding tax efficient payroll solution. They handle time consuming paperwork such as timesheets and invoicing while making sure that their clients benefit from the tax relief available to them on the expenses they incur. They also offer a complete range of services that help in supporting many different way of working. So come and visit the Chesterfield Group now.