At Chesterfield Group they know the quality of their umbrella service is unrivalled, they have a unique and genuine commitment to their Expatriate contractors and IT umbrella company contractors. An umbrella company allows contractors to gain a contract without needing to create and operate their own limited company. They have simple goals to provide focused and affordable umbrella services to their freelance contractors. From payroll to mortgages, from health insurance to pensions, you will find everything you will ever need under one roof. Working with Chesterfield Group helps remove all the stress and legal requirements of running and being a Director of your own limited company but with the benefits of limited liability status, professional insurance and tax relief for work expenses incurred. They provide a great opportunity for Expatriate workers to hire them so they can work without any stress. You can continue to use the umbrella company when you change contract or restart after a period of not contracting. With a range of packages, Chesterfield Group is a simple solution giving you greater flexibility.

Chesterfield Group as an umbrella company provides the same legal and tax structure as having your own limited company. Except that instead of owning the company outright you will share ownership or benefits with other domestic and Expatriate contractors in a similar position. You don’t have to know or meet the other contractors since your financial affairs are effectively run as a division of the umbrella company. Many agencies and Expatriate contractors require that they are invoiced for work done so that they cannot be held liable for any deemed underpayment of tax. Chesterfield Group has access to the best tax and legal advice in the market. They employ state of the art payroll and systems processing. They also provide the best possible personal service to their clients. They recognize deadlines and make sure that your payments are made accurately and efficiently. They make the process very simple to ensure that domestic and Expatriate workers are able to concentrate on their careers and earnings. They concentrate on delivering an outstanding tax efficient payroll solution.

At Chesterfield Group, their contractor umbrella company solution offers domestic and Expatriate freelance contractors a complete employment service, backed by a reputation for compliance and customer service. They can take care of the time consuming paperwork like timesheets and invoicing whilst making sure you benefit from the tax relief available to you on the expenses you incur. They not only provide an exceptional umbrella service, but in addition they offer tax planning beyond the simple tax relief rules around claiming expenses. Chesterfield Group provides a complete range of services that support many different ways of working. From limited company and sole trader operations to freelance Expatriate contractors, they have the perfect package to support you. This means they will only recommend their umbrella company service if it is right for you. They want you to be with them for the long term, so the financials we show you at sign up will stack up to what you ultimately get paid. Our service is extremely competitive compared to other umbrella companies.