Chesterfield Group provides an experienced and professional team of representatives who are trained to provide exceptional services to clients all over the world. The company is a market leader in the provision of services such as offshore services, property and management services, Dutch Payroll jurisdiction services as well as shipping services. Clients all over the world can call or email Chesterfield Group and speak to their representatives for further details. Contracting services offered at Chesterfield Group includes Dutch Payroll services, invoicing services, umbrella services, international banking, own limited company as well as contractor insurance service. In addition contracting jurisdictions are offered to Belgium, Germany, Netherland, Ireland and more. From these lists of services, customers can choose their required service and contact the professionals in order to attain them. Chesterfield Group offers professional and reliable Dutch Payroll service for clients running multi-corporations and businesses in Netherlands.

The professionals at Chesterfield Group have extensive knowledge of the intricacies, payroll and taxation services in Netherlands and provide them with an extensive and compliant Dutch Payroll service. Non-EU nationals are also offered appropriate assistance for them to acquire work permits in Netherlands. The Dutch Payroll services offered at Chesterfield Group includes advising and assisting the clients with contracts of employment as well as enrolling the client with the Dutch Payroll and PAYE schemes. Clients are also offered an application for Dutch social security number or a form E101 for a thirty percent tax release to expatriates. Additional services of the Dutch Payroll include the in commission of monthly payroll with providing pay slips and tax returns at the end of the year. For security and safety purposes, clines are also offered basic amenities such as an application for health and illness insurance as per required and given by the Dutch law.

Clients at Chesterfield Group are also offered the payroll scheme depending on their personal circumstances with many mechanisms provided to operate the use of taxes. For example if a client moves to Holland and stays up to 183 days for the purpose of work, he/she is required to be a resident for tax purposes from the date since they arrived. As Dutch tax rates are relatively high, many institutions and business associates go to Chesterfield Group and obtain a free allowance of thirty percent of their employment income. In addition, clients also have the benefit to qualify this for ten years and if certain conditions are met by them they can easily attain allowance for their extraterritorial expenses. The Dutch Payroll services are offered to a broad range of skilled professions in Netherlands including IT, technology, contracting business, electronics, communication and more. With the professional and immense help from the professionals at Chesterfield Group, several clients can choose to travel to Netherland and start professional business there. Chesterfield Group offers exclusive Dutch Payroll to clients all over the world with the goal to provide them the opportunity of not worrying to pay high taxes but to concentrate and have a smooth running of their business.