The Chesterfield Group handle business services such as contracting services for a number of individuals and corporate organizations who are involved in the contract labor market. For reliable and easy business services they have a number of office locations for their customers. Their offices are located in the UK, United States, Ireland, England and last but not the least in Cyprus. They help contractors working in many fields and disciplines such as IT professionals, engineering and construction specialists and the telecom and petro chemical industries. No matter what occupation needing international stability The Chesterfield Group will be there to deliver their professional business services. Contract services and other business services at The Chesterfield Group are handled by a group of professional and qualified accountants and other professionals. These individuals are from fields of law banking and finance, management and administration. The different between them and other contractor payroll service providers is that they charge business with a flat rate fee which has no hidden additional charges. Whether it is at home or abroad The Chesterfield Group cater to the comprehensive and special needs of their customers working in the contract market place. Besides contract services The Chesterfield Group also offers many additional business services such as accountants and legal specialists, taxation services, various payroll options, contractors and expatriates. Their main aim is to provide these business services so as to leave their clients free to concentrate on their main business activities.

Chesterfield Group is well-known and popular for offering international taxation and corporate solutions for the international mobile professional. They guide businesses step-by-step through any process. They have a dedicated a professional group of individuals who are trained to offer personal services no matter where the client is bases and no matter in what situation they are in. In their contracting services they have many different options to choose from in techsuite which are further subdivided in the complete management package and the low cost solution for the independent contactor. Their local contractor manager offers customers with information about what structure to use and why, invoicing and vat registration, banking and fee collection, income tax, PRSI, national insurance, tax registration and tax returns.

They handle all the bank office administration details and other time consuming tasks in a timely manner. If there are first time contractors in the contractor labor market then The Chesterfield Group has just the right solutions for their clients. Contract services by The Chesterfield Group enables contractors to deliver their services in various ways. The administration, accounting and compliance tasks and communications with third parties are taken care of by the administers of Techsuite at The Chesterfield Group. Through Chesterfield there are no start up costs, no winding down costs, no annual accountancy costs, no time taken up with company administration, no regulatory hassles and no company secretarial or compliance responsibilities. To get started The Chesterfield Group will just need the client’s details of their proposed contract. It is that simple.

Chesterfield Group as an umbrella company provides the same legal and tax structure as having your own limited company. Except that instead of owning the company outright you will share ownership or benefits with other domestic and Expatriate contractors in a similar position. You don’t have to know or meet the other contractors since your financial affairs are effectively run as a division of the umbrella company. Many agencies and Expatriate contractors require that they are invoiced for work done so that they cannot be held liable for any deemed underpayment of tax. Chesterfield Group has access to the best tax and legal advice in the market. They employ state of the art payroll and systems processing. They also provide the best possible personal service to their clients. They recognize deadlines and make sure that your payments are made accurately and efficiently. They make the process very simple to ensure that domestic and Expatriate workers are able to concentrate on their careers and earnings. They concentrate on delivering an outstanding tax efficient payroll solution.

At Chesterfield Group, their contractor umbrella company solution offers domestic and Expatriate freelance contractors a complete employment service, backed by a reputation for compliance and customer service. They can take care of the time consuming paperwork like timesheets and invoicing whilst making sure you benefit from the tax relief available to you on the expenses you incur. They not only provide an exceptional umbrella service, but in addition they offer tax planning beyond the simple tax relief rules around claiming expenses. Chesterfield Group provides a complete range of services that support many different ways of working. From limited company and sole trader operations to freelance Expatriate contractors, they have the perfect package to support you. This means they will only recommend their umbrella company service if it is right for you. They want you to be with them for the long term, so the financials we show you at sign up will stack up to what you ultimately get paid. Our service is extremely competitive compared to other umbrella companies.